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Painting - Automatic writing - Cyril Foussé

Cognitive experimentation through automatic writing

According to themselves some people are using automatic writing in order to come into contact with spirits. I believe that automatic writing is a very good way to be in contact with ourselves.
You may consider it or not, spend time with it or not, loose consciousness of it or not, we are permanently filled with emotions and tensions. They can be fugitive or on the contrary concentrated, be circumstantial or more structural. Some are ephemeral and others more permanent. Whatever our initial state is anytime our neighborhood and environment will exercise theirs instantaneous influences on us. Depending on our defensive filters at any of these moments and on our memory the world rings in a light or a deep way in ourselves, but it always makes us vibrate in a very particular mood.
To begin with, that is fair enough...
Everyone is provided with his own emotional system, everyone benefits an original receptiveness to the world and is gifted with an ability of interpretation, assimilation and synthesis of his own. Of course everything may vary anytime. Nothing is really static and that instability may even become frighting sometime. Most of the time we can and we shall not get upset with that, we just deal with it.
But sometime that is not possible anymore. The glass is full and the time has come to rediscover ourselves. We aren´t exactly like robots...

Cyril Foussé - Montpellier 2017

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